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FOD*BOSS is a mobile application that detects and sweeps FOD (Foreign Object Debris) on airport tarmacs. The client had idea for creating the app, which allows the device to connect with the sweeper and sweep the assigned area of the tarmac, sending the data collected to the application for the user to assess. We sculpted their idea and made it a reality.

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    iOS & Android


Key Features

Sweep Road

Commercial or Military Runway

Seep History

Tracking Old Seep History

Calculate Functionality

Calculate Garbage Functionality

Tracking System

Co-ordinates of the Sweep Overlaid

Statistics Functionality

Statistics based Amount of Debris Collected

Calibration Functionality

Garbage with Different Calibration

They Trusted Us

We thank the developers at Vrinsoft for their hard work and dedication that has resulted in this application. The application is completely efficient and we would definitely recommend Vrinsoft for any development purposes.

  • Stuart Tozer

    CEO Founder

Product Design


  • Laravel 7.0
  • Postgrey SQL DB
  • JS
  • CURL